Data Analytics

Data transmitted by commercial vessels worldwide. AIS messages contain the vessel’s geographic location, name, unique identity numbers, ship type, cargo, country, length, width, draught, rate of turn, speed, course navigational status and destination. This rich data source can provide very useful information to the consumer through analytics.

Potential applications of big data analytics include:

Vessel traffic pattern analysis based on draught and speed through a navigation channel
Comparison of vessel transits through a taxation zone year over year
Individual vessel speed analysis over a defined time to determine maintenance requirements
Individual vessel speed analysis to determine emissions
Detection of vessel navigation anomalies based on known transit and movement patterns
Forecasting of vessel arrivals worldwide
Estimated time of arrivals in support of supply chain logistics
Historical track analysis to determine recommended navigation tracks

We analyze, process and merge huge amount of marine datasets, such as AIS, weather, tidal, engines data, shipyards, ports, airports, fuel consumption, bunker prices, etc. to give our clients a sound basis to support their decisions and to help them saving costs or finding more clients.

We build solid and robust web application based on real time big data structures and use machine learning algos to help making smart decisions.