Ship Repair

We perform any size repair job, regardless of the complexity of the matter, from routine maintenance and usual ship repair supply to major repair and overhauls.
Within this framework we are experienced and qualified for all kinds of ship construction service on-board and ashore. For example:

Repair, Overhauling & Technical Maintenance of all type of M/E & Auxiliary Engines
Turbo-charger overhaul & spare parts
A/C & Refrigerating Plant’s repair & overhaul
Re-conditioning of cylinder covers
Re-conditioning of exhausts valves & seats
Re-conditioning of all types of pumps & motors
Boiler repairs
Fabrication of the spare parts for vessels and machines, using up-to-date equipment
Second-Hand Engine Parts
Repair of Electric equipments and machinery
Production of metal constructions
Casting, Forging and Punching of non-ferrous metals, steel and iron
Steel fabrication, Cleaning, Blasting, Rigging
Rewinding for Electric motors
Hydraulic & Elect. Crane Repair
Repair and Maintenance of Yachts