Spare Parts

We offer Spare parts for most makes and types of Main Propulsion Engines, Auxiliary Engines and Auxiliary equipment such as pumps, compressors and purifiers.

We deal in spare parts for equipment manufactured in Japan, USA and European countries.

For most engines:

o Piston rings and seals for piston rod
o Nozzles/needle housings and parts for injectors.
o Pump elements, delivery valves and other parts for fuel pumps
o Bearings
o Exhaust – and inlet valve spindles, guides and seats
o Indicating valves
o Monitoring equipment for cylinder pressures
o We arrange professional service of fuel injection equipment and other engine parts,
pumps, heat exchangers etc.


o Pumps for most purposes
o Spares for most pumps
o Spares for most air compressors
o Compressed air dryers
o Equipment for automatic drain of air bottles without loss of air
o Complete compressor plants for air.
o Spares for refrigeration compressors and plants. Reconditioned compressors
o Spares for most separators
o Heat exchangers and parts
o Electric motors, starters, protection, frequency convertors and soft starters
o Hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, filters and spares
o Filters for all purposes
o Mechanical seals
o Couplings
o Monitoring and control of pressure, level, temperature, viscosity and flow.
o Valves for all purposes
o Gaskets, seals, O-rings and sealing materials